Supermarket Welcomed But Not Traffic

By bellmannews / September 15, 2021
artist's impression of storee

AT last night’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council, members heard from the developers of Ury Estate who described their recent planning application for a supermarket.

The new proposals would replace those in an existing planning approval with a different design and layout to accommodate the operational requirements of the operator, Wm Morrison Supermarket – the overall size of the store and the amount of car parking would remain unchanged.

Architect Dereck Pirouet said: ”The operational requirements of the experience that Morrisons wish to offer can’t be accommodated in the original layout.”

Mr Pirouet said the arrival of Morrisons would bring benefits and gains to Stonehaven.

”A retail site has been an aspiration for many years. Employment would be generated with 120 new jobs in the store, including a community champion. There will also be a community meeting room for use by the community.”

He added: ”A core value of Morrisons is they seek to support local producers and suppliers.”

Concerns about traffic

Mike Duncan said the supermarket would bring an additional 750 cars per day rising to 1,000 at the weekend – travelling up the Belmont Brae and Slug Road.

”Neither of these roads are suitable for that volume of traffic,” he said.

”We want to be reassured this is something the council will look at.”

Mr Duncan added he and Raymond Christie have for some time called for double yellow lines at the bottom of Slug Road where there is a tight bend.

And chairman Bill Watson noted householders at the Kirkton Homes housing estate had aired concerns that their area could become a rat run once the link road was completed.

Stonehaven to have traffic management review

Councillors Wendy Agnew, Sarah Dickinson, Colin Pike and Dennis Robertson were all in attendance at the meeting. While they are not permitted to pass comment on a planning application until it is being considered in committee, Mr Robertson did offer some relevant information.

He said: ”A review will be looking at the complete road management system in Stonehaven.”

Pete Mason - September 17, 2021

Other than the traffic issues this will have a big impact on the town centre. The draw away from the market square will be palpable: people will choose to ‘nip up’ to Morrisons for that missing loaf, the pint of milk, a bottle of wine, cough medicine or the newspaper rather than going to the square. Seen it in too many other towns across the country. I understand there is frustration at the lack of choice, but this is a bad option for the town. Whilst there’s a veneer of ‘Community Spirit’ here it’s not as it seems. This will end up with more charity shops and vacant units in the town centre. These “blank spaces” in town centres reduce their attractiveness, vitality and community benefit overall.

bellmannews - September 16, 2021

Hello Vera

This was spoken about too on Tuesday – I’ll be putting a report together asap (I have visitors!) Jane

Ray Kuching - September 16, 2021

I fail to see how Belmont Brae and the Slug should be such a concern to feed a supermarket. I don’t remember the same clamour about the building first of hundreds of houses past the Mackie, then the ongoing house building at Ury Estate.
Whilst I personally believe there are better locations for the town’s first proper supermarket, this application is the closest we have seen to actually going ahead

Vera Coull - September 15, 2021

Any update on Invercarron resource Centre seems to be that it’s being ignored in hope people (old) will forget about it but NO it’s not forgotten; about!!

Alexander Hodge - September 15, 2021

As far as the concerns over the Belmont Brae I think for safety reasons this road should have always been a one way system.

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