Another Hub Needed if the Invercarron Resource Centre is to Close

By bellmannews / September 19, 2021
imposing frontage of Carlton house

FINDING alternative accommodation for each of the different groups using the Invercarron Resource Centre is not good enough – say members of Stonehaven and District Community Council.

At their meeting this week, members expressed their ongoing concern at Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership’s, AHSCP’s, decision to turn the Invercarron Resource Centre into a vaccination clinic – and the subsequent displacement of its user groups to other venues.

Around 30 groups were using the Invercarron

Before Covid struck, a range of activities took place – Stroke Club, Macmillan Gentle movement class, Visual Impairment Group, Carers Support, Carron Club Day Care, Lunch Social Club, Alzheimer’s Scotland Day Care, Alzheimer’s Yoga, Weekend Respite, Coastal Health Carers Support, Arthritis Care Stonehaven, Samson Art, Stonehaven Art Club, Floral Art Club, Yoga, Craft Group, board games, friendly teas, Music and Movement, Bridge Club, gentle exercise class, Knitting group and our Talking Newspaper. There was also occasional use by our Community Council, Horizon, Fireballs, and other local groups.

Speaking on Tuesday night, David Lawman said ideally the Invercarron Resource Centre should re-open.

”But if if is not goin to open,” he said, ”the the solution is not just to find rooms. The solution is to find another hub our our senior citizens – one with the facilities needed such as easy access and toilets.”

Ian Hunter said he too was unhappy with AHSCP’s solution .

He said: ”People want famiiarity: they don’t want to be sent to one place then another.”

Carlton House suggested as new hub

Mr Hunter said Carlton House had been identified by some locals as an replacement to the Invercarron Resource Centre

”That would be better than farming the older people out to the rest of the community,” he said.

Mr Hunter who helped man the recent Community Action Plan consulation at Hy, said he was confident SDCC had the backing of the community in their battle to retain the Resource Centre.

”At the pop up shop there were a great many people extremely angry about the closure of the Invercarron Resource Centre,” he said.

Keeping up the pressure – Question at Holyrood, a meeting and a further letter to AHSCP

Cllr Wendy Agnew said a question was to be tabled at Holyrood about the matter.

And she said a meeting with AHSCP was to be held, which she would attend along with Ian Hunter.

”The committee of the users of the Invercarron Resource Centre had a meeting with AHSPC and told them they did not want the users to be split throughout the town.

”It will be very interesting to see what they are going to put in front of us,” she said.

Meanwhile SDCC, are to write again to AHSCP to express their ongoing concerns with their current proposals.

Their earlier letter to Audit Scotland has been acknowledged – while Audit Scotland cannot overturn council’s decision to close the Invercarron Resource Centre, SDCC have asked them to consider whether adequate consultation had been undertaken.

Feature image – Carlton House, no longer needed as an office. The local authority has recently proposed it be turned into flats

Graeme Thain - September 20, 2021

Keep up the pressure.

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