Online Meeting for Local Group Hoping to Gain Fairtrade Town Status for Stonehaven

By bellmannews / September 19, 2021
Bananas with Fairtrade logo sticker

from Stonehaven Fair Trade Steering Group

Stonehaven Fair Trade Steering Group has been active in promoting Fair Trade in Stonehaven.

On Saturday September 4 it had a stall at the Farmers’ Market, Stonehaven. A wide variety of Fairtrade goods were available including craft items.

What is Fairtrade? Peter Bellarby, Chair of the Stonehaven Group, explained: “It is a simple idea of fighting unfairness that keeps millions of farmers in poverty in developing countries. They often don’t have enough money for the bare essentials of life. It is not right that they are treated like this by some trading companies. Fairtrade certification combines a fair minimum price for products with extra to help pay for facilities that are needed, such as clean water.”

The Stonehaven Group supports Fair Trade for local producers here is this country too, so it was appropriate to have a stall at the Farmers’ Market.

The next event the group is organising is “Stonehaven: Fair Trade and Climate Change”, which will be held on Wednesday 22nd September starting at 7pm. This is an on-line public meeting to provide information around Fair Trade and to answer questions regarding the re-accreditation of Stonehaven’s Fairtrade Town Status. Guest speakers are Chrysi Dimaki and Sam Susianta from the Fairtrade Foundation. They will speak firstly about what Fairtrade does and why it is important for Stonehaven to be a Fairtrade Town. They will explain links between Climate Change and Fairtrade and how we can easily exercise our consumer powers to ensure equity that benefits local and global producers.

Stonehaven has been a Fairtrade Town until the accreditation lapsed several years ago. Following conversations with local businesses and community groups, it is clear the town still has a commitment. We will look at using this local commitment to achieve re-accreditation with a question and answer session at the meeting.

To attend the meeting you will need to register in advance. Look at the group’s Facebook page: “Fair Trade Stonehaven” or send an email to