Scrievers Beir The Gree

By bellmannews / October 14, 2021

Mearns Writers Group success at Doric Call My Bluff during Across the Grain

From The Mearns Writers Group –

The Rowie Dunkers won the title two years ago. The competition was in abeyance last year because of lockdown and this year took place virtually on Sunday 3rd October.  Obscure and aal farrant words from the darkest corners of the Scots dictionary were brought to light by compere Peter Reid of RGU and the team from Steenhive went into a head to head with a team from Banchory which they won convincingly.

“We’re fair delightit wi oorsels,” said team captain Alistair Lawrie. “If naethin else it jist gings tae show fit gweed leears we aa are.”

The teams had to define such unfamiliar terms as pilpert, hull-run, fishhakes, bruckles and strushlach.

“The main thing was to spin a believable yarn round each word. And to keep a straight face while doing it,” commented Sandy Inglis.

“Which was difficult because the whole thing was great fun,” added Morag Hill.

The victory means the trophy will stay in Stonehaven Library for another year once it’s been suitably inscribed with the winning team’s name. A presentation ceremony will be held in the library at some time in the New Year.

The folk pictured in the screen shot from the event, above, are from left to right Morag Hill, Alistair Lawrie, Sandy Inglis, Peter Reid of RGU and Jackie Coroon of Live Life Aberdeenshire Library Service.