Stonehaven Mens’ Shed Supports Mill o’ Forest School and New Polytunnel

Stonehaven & District Men’s Shed are very pleased to be involved in the construction of the new polytunnel at Mill o’ Forest School.   The build team is being led by Duncan Cursiter with Davie Ross providing construction support and advice.   The guys in the picture, as well as Duncan & Davie are Jim Mackenzie, Mike McInally and David Lomax.   Bill Allan, Shed Chairman is away getting the tea and coffee. Other members of the shed will assist as and when their particular skills are required.

One of the primary aims is to make the polytunnel as self-sufficient and environmentally sustainable as possible by the capture and recycling of rainwater.    As a result of the environmental approach the Shed team are also incorporating the re-use/recycling the pallets on which the original materials were delivered into polytunnel furniture.

Jim getting his instructions
The team get in aboot

The water capture and recycle will be achieved by directing rainwater flow into the blue tanks which will be sunk into the ground as seen in the photos.   Rainwater will be captured via rainwater gutters along the sides of the polytunnel and fed into the storage tanks.   The next step is to get the water from the storage tanks into the feeder tanks inside the polytunnel.   This will be achieved by means of a solar powered pump (financed in whole by Stonehaven Rotary Club) which will transfer captured water from storage to feeder tanks.

The shell of the polytunnel is now in place and the team are now in the process of burying the storage tanks as seen in the photographs, above.

Davie & Duncan setting up interior
Interior with feeder tanks

Inside the polytunnel Davie & Duncan are repurposing the delivery pallets into shelves on which various planting activities will be carried out. The green tanks, inside, will be the feeder tanks for the polytunnel.

As the work proceeds we will keep you informed of the progress.