Cairnhill Roll of Honour

By Stonehaven Mens Shed / November 18, 2021

In the photograph L-R, Shona McCann (RBLS), Tom Hannan (Shed), Calum Adams (Chairman RBLS), Sheila Elrick (RBLS Social Secretary), Andy Lorimer (Vice Chairman SDMS).

The Chairman of the Royal British Legion, Scotland, Social Club was handed a memorial photograph by a lady from Newtonhill with the intention of it being hung in the Legion Rooms. However, the photograph had seen better days and was severely spotted, mildewed and faded. The Social Secretary of the RBLS branch approached one of our Shedders and asked if anything could be done to restore the photograph. After some discussion one of the our Shed’s members who had access, and some exposure to, modern electronic photographic post-processing software agreed to take on the task.

There were no skillsets in the Shed to actually take and alter or otherwise hide the damage on the original photograph. So our errant photographer set up a tripod in the Shed and took a number of photographs at various settings to try and achieve a workable image. After a wee bit clicking and harrumphing and other words of frustration the image was captured.

The image was imported to the software and quite a few hours was spent in the process of cleaning the image. Another couple of our Shedders spent time on cleaning and renewing the frame and backing. The cleaned version was mounted to the frame and the original photograph was incorporated into the backing within the frame so that the provenance could be maintained for historical and posterity reasons.

Above you can see the difference in the photographs with the “before” on the left and the almost finished “after” on the right.

The completed, cleaned and framed photograph was handed over to the RBLS Chairman, Calum Adams, by the Shed’s Treasurer, Tom Hannan on 6 November 2021. The Stonehaven Branch of the Royal British Legion, Scotland, made a substantive donation to the Shed’s funds.

Historical note: You may find information on the photograph and some interesting local history by following this link to the Scottish Military Research Group.