St James’ Church again invites everyone to their Tree of Life in Arbuthnott Street.

By bellmannews / November 18, 2021
Tree with red fruits still hanging - church in background

From Val Cadd –

For over 15 years one of the trees in the church yard/garden of St James Episcopal Church, Arbuthnott Street, Stonehaven has been decorated by members of the community in memory of their family and friends who have passed away and they wish to remember especially at Christmas time.  We call the tree – THE TREE OF LIFE.

The congregation of St James would like to invite everyone who would like to, to place a simple bauble with, if they wish, the name of the person they wish to remember written on it, on the tree from Wednesday 1st December. The tree is next to the side gate beside the church wall and can be accessed either inside or outside the church property. The effect is very simple yet stunning.

You are very welcome to either bring your own bauble or there will be a basket of baubles and marker pen in the church for you.  The baubles will stay on the tree until 12th Night / 6th January.  If you would like to retrieve your bauble we would ask you to do so by the 6th January.

The basket of baubles will be available daily (during daylight hours) in the church and also at St. James’ Book Browse that will run on Friday 3rd December and Saturday 4th December from 10am until 3pm and Sunday 5th December from 11am until 3pm.

We hope you will get both pleasure and comfort from The Tree of Life.