Cowie Path Improvements

By Jane Cruickshank / November 28, 2021
old photo showing path in good condition

WHEN the Infrastructure Services Committee met last week, one item on the agenda was the Council’s outdoor access strategy – making provision for non-motorised public access.

One key feature of the strategy is the ”effective and innovative management of outdoor access

The map below shows the core path network for the area.

And it would appear the cliff path beyond Cowie is scheduled for some work due to be completed by March 2022.

A council spokesperson said: ”The path has been surveyed and highlighted a number of improvements required. This year we are aiming to consolidate the cliff area adjacent to Cowie and undertake design and build works for the ‘loop’ from Cowie, to up to the layby.”

As well as the report, there is information on paths and outdoor access, including project updates, online.

Feature photo – clearly not a recent shot! Hopefully the path may be returned to this condition.