Arduthie Features in Committee Roundup

By bellmannews / December 3, 2021
the imposing sandstone facade of Arduthie School

From Aberdeenshire Council communications team –

AT yesterday’s Education and Children’s Services Committee councillors heard a round up of good news from schools across the Shire, including Stonehaven’s Arduthie Primary School.

Aberdeenshire Council commissioned Young Scot to manage an online vote for a participatory budgeting exercise.  This was branded as the We Decide… Children and Young People Voting for Change event.

Mrs Noble and P4/5 from Arduthie School entered this competition with a bid to support these social & emotional health, inclusion and nurture aims:

  • to help children behave appropriately, use their curiosity constructively, develop their skills, improve their self-esteem and develop confidence and relationships.
  • to provide a flexible space/ resource which is responsive to needs of our children in Arduthie.
  • to provide a calm and relaxing environment for those children who can find the normal routine in school to be overwhelming.
  • to provide resources to help support Mindfulness within our school.
  • to build a library of resources available to all in the school with a particular focus on Social and Emotional wellbeing and Diversity, including LGBTQ+ to enable conversations to take place
  • to provide specific Art resources to our nurture space to encourage Art therapy, with a particular focus on feelings and creativity
  • to provide calming music within the space
  • to provide games with a specific focus on growth mindset, cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship, providing a safe space within which to learn those skills.

They were awarded £1700, which is a superb boost.