Fireballers Hit With Insurance Hike

By bellmannews / December 6, 2021
man in kilt leading line of fireball swingers

STONEHAVEN’S Fireballs Association are looking to our area committee for help with a huge increase in their insurance costs.

Like countless events across the nation, the fireballs were unable to swing into action last year due to Covid. But preparations are being made for this year’s ceremony to go ahead.

But when renewing their insurance, the organising committee found the cost had rocketed from £930.00 to £7,572.72. With no income from last year, the fireballers are looking to the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee’s budget for help with a grant of £4,000.

The insurance not only covers the Fireballs Ceremony – the association supports community events where they can, providing volunteers, use of barriers, and transport. Events that have benefited from their help include: RW Thomson Rally, Stonehaven Half Marathon, Harbour Festival, Christmas Light Switch-on Event, Feein’ Market, Highland Games, Folk Festival, Beer Festival and Nippy Dip.

The Fireballs Association also pitched in to help with Stonehaven’s entry in Beautiful Scotland this year, keeping the High Street looking its best.

And it’s not just the cost of insurance

According to the committee report, the total cost of staging the fireballs ceremony this year is approximately £12,000 – this includes the cost of licensed stewards and first aiders.

And it appears the Hogmanay crowds are a tad stingy in their support. Despite crowds reaching 10,000 in number the donation buckets only rattled to the tune of approximately £1,000. So for this year, the Fireballs Association are to introduce card machines and a suggesed a donation amount for all that attend.

There’s still money available to local groups

The Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee meets tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10am by Skype.

Along with the Fireballs Association, an application has been received from Auchenblae Primary School for £2610 to support their “Community Digital Literacy Project”.

If both applications are successful, some £26,478.99 will remain of the £80,800 allocated to the Area Committee for the financial year2021/22 .