Live Life Aberdeenshire libraries offer enhanced resources to support home education

By bellmannews / January 9, 2022

From Live Life Aberdeenshire –

With home-based learning becoming part of the daily routine for some during the pandemic, new resources are being provided by Aberdeenshire libraries for families and carers.

Those who have opted for home-based teaching and learning can now access enhanced provision from public library resources, providing invaluable tools to support home education.

Recognising some of the challenges faced by families and carers, Live Life Aberdeenshire libraries have introduced a “Home Education lending facility” to assist creative and varied learning.

The new facility allows parents, guardians and carers to borrow many of the resources that teachers and schools across Aberdeenshire have access to.

This includes the ability to borrow up to 50 books and 20 audiobooks at any given time, access to Curricular Resource Kits, Early Years Collections, Story Sacks and Reading Group collections.   

For more information, please see the Live Life Aberdeenshire website:

You can also contact the libraries team by email with any questions or queries at:

Alternatively, call (01467) 532929.