Sarah is Standing for Council Re-election

By bellmannews / January 12, 2022
image of Sarah on the boardwalk

From – Aberdeenshire Liberal Democrats

Aberdeenshire Liberal Democrats have announced that Sarah Dickinson has been selected as their candidate for the Aberdeenshire Council ward of Stonehaven and Lower Deeside in the May 2022 elections. Sarah, a resident of Stonehaven for nearly 25 years, was elected in 2017 as a councillor for the ward and she has worked hard to represent the people of Stonehaven and Lower Deeside during these past five years.

Sarah said she was elected in 2017 on the promise that she would work to get a commitment to a new Dunnottar Primary School, and she has seen that aim achieved. A new Carronhill School has now also been budgeted for.

Sarah said “The commitment by Aberdeenshire Council to replace these schools is the essential starting point. Community engagement is now key for the development of these new schools. Completion is planned for 2025.”

Sarah has long worked on seeking improvements to the sports and leisure facilities in Stonehaven and so is delighted that the community will shortly be deciding how £1.8m will be spent to enhance this infrastructure.  This money will make a difference, but more will be needed to support local clubs to achieve their full potential. Sarah said she will continue to advocate for that further investment.

Sarah fully supported the collaborative work between the council and local groups that resulted in the improvements to the Stonehaven boardwalk that residents and visitors alike are now enjoying. Sarah said she understands the importance of this coastal walk to the economy of Stonehaven and how the improved signage can support connectivity to the town’s centre and local amenities. Sarah will continue to protect what is special about Stonehaven, whilst supporting the town to develop as a vibrant place to live and work.

Sarah said, “Delivering the basics is of fundamental importance to residents   and   so   I   was   quick   to   support   the   additional   £5.5m investment in road maintenance made by the council administration of which I am a member earlier this year. I would advocate for sustained investment in roads and landscape services going forward.”

Sarah said “I am passionate about clean streets and green spaces which are free of dog mess and litter. As a result, as well as getting more bins where they are most needed, I litterpick regularly and have used posters with eyes to remind dog owners of their responsibility to pick up after their pooches. I have also spearheaded an initiative to have yellow fish painted by town centre drains reminding everyone that the drains connect to the sea and are for water only!”

In Lower Deeside speeding is a major issue. Sarah said “I have worked and will continue to work with the communities there to advocate lower speed limits and measures to make their roads safer for all.

“If re-elected in May, I will continue to be a strong advocate for both Stonehaven and Lower Deeside working hard to ensure they are great places to live, visit and work.”

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