Fair Play on Potholes?

screenshot of map with many red pins

Dear Bellman

This is idle speculation, but I wonder if Stonehaven will be better served by Aberdeenshire Council’s Road Department in 2022.

In 2021, I was advised by the head of that Department that, “A contractor, Hunter Construction, has now been appointed to take forward the patching contract for Stonehaven with a start date proposed for 5 July 2021.”

Robert Street was done but to my knowledge no other main thoroughfare. Of course, the pot-holes outside the depot at the Station were attended to. In Nov. 2021 signs went up advising that David Street would be re-surfaced in early December. I could be wrong, but if that was a reference to Dec. 2021, I think that has passed and very soon, so too will January, assuming, of course, that the Council uses the same calendar as the rest of us. 

In 2018, I drew the attention of the that Department to a large pot-hole in Glenbervie. I am far-travelled! The response was that the Department was aware of it, but advised that the hole had not reached the state where it needed attention. Unbeknown to me, a MSP reported the same pothole at the same time, and, as if by magic, its status changed and it was filled in. So, if you are a mere Council Tax payer, you may be ignored, or fobbed off, but if you are “important” things may be different. Sadly, we cannot all get elected to Parliament.

Yours etc,

Douglas J. Cusine.

Note from The Bellman – if you’d like to report a pothole, you can do it online using this link. The feature image is from the map of Stonehaven with each pin showing road faults already reported.