Scarf on Hand to Help With Fuel Bills

By bellmannews / February 9, 2022
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From Scarf –

Fuel poverty charity and social enterprise Scarf warns that many families in the North East will face stark choices in light of rising energy costs

With one in two households in the North East of Scotland already in fuel poverty, the news that fuel bills are set to rise due to the price cap increase has left many more worrying about their fuel bills.

Lawrence Johnston, Co-CEO at Scarf said: “We have many households in the area who are spending 20% of their income on their energy costs and the news of these prices is only going to compound the problem.

‘Before the news of the 54% price cap rise, our team at Scarf was already receiving an average of 250 – 300 calls a day, with many more enquiries coming in through the website and social media.   The rise in fuel bill prices is going to make it much worse for people already struggling and mean that even more households will be joining them in fuel poverty.’

Scarf has a dedicated team of home energy advisors on hand to talk people through their options, offer home visits and support applications to the heating support fund.

Lawrence added: ‘I would urge anyone worried about their fuel bills to call Scarf or contact us via the website. Anyone currently without credit or their meter or without access to gas or electricity their first port of call should be their energy supplier.’

When contacting your supplier or Scarf having the following documents to hand will help speed up the process:

  • energy supplier account details
  • proof of any benefits

Don’t suffer in silence, Scarf is here to help

Call0808 129 0888 or contact us at our website –