Deep space image wins the January photo competition

By Mearns Camera Club / February 12, 2022
HorseheadNebua image by Mark Coull

Congratulations to Mark Coull who is winner of the January Open category Mearns Photography Cub/The Bellman photographic competition with his incredible deep space entry “Horsehead Nebula” (above). It is a Narrowband image of the Horsehead and Flame Nebula found in the constellation of Orion, photographed from Mark’s back garden then processed in PixInsight with a colour boost in Photoshop. The mystery of the universe is a fascinating subject and we love it when we can perceive an animal or face in nature or inanimate objects (pareidolia). A wonderful capture!

Under 18s winner

Our first Under 18 winner is Megan Macmillan with a lovely peaceful landscape image intones of blue with the river leading they out to sea and the clouds echoing that movement above. Congratulations Megan!

Landscape by Megan Macmillan

Mark and Megan both win a year’s membership to the Mearns Camera Club in this, their 50th Anniversary year.

The February competition’s subject is “The Woods”. Only those that enter are in with a chance of winning – so get entering!

All are welcome to enter. There are two age groups: under 18 and 18+. Please be sure to check the rules below before entering.

Enter by emailing your image to

There are only two more chances to win!

  • February: The Woods
  • March: Open (any subject)

Mearns Camera Club 50th Anniversary Photo Competition rules

  1. The competition is open to anyone living within the area defined by the rivers Dee (to the north) and North Esk (to the south) and the B974 road (to the west). Any professional photographer, members of the Mearns Camera Club and any one associated with The Bellman are not eligible. There will be a junior section for for those aged under 18 and a senior section for those 18+
  2. The competition runs for 7 months, starting 1st September 2021 and ending 31st March 2022. There will be 4 Open competitions where any image can be submitted and 3 Named competitions where specific images should be submitted.
  3. Each month a person can enter up to 3 digital images of their own creation. No prints will be accepted. Each image must have the individuals name and contact details attached. The images must be jpeg and no larger than 2MB. The images submitted will be judged by the Mearns Camera Club and the results published in the Bellman the following month. A selection of the submitted images will also be in The Bellman. It will be assumed that the photographer will have sought and received any permissions required to allow their photo to be used in the competition.
  4. The images submitted will have been taken in the current year(s) (2021/22) and taken within the area defined in rule 1 – ‘the area defined by the rivers Dee (to the north) and North Esk (to the south) and the B974 road (to the west)’.
  5. The Mearns Camera Club and The Bellman reserve the right to use any image for their promotional purposes. Credit will be given to the author. Copyright remains with the photographer.
  6. Each month a prize of a years subscription to the Mearns Camera Club will be awarded to the persons selected as the winner in each group. No other prize option will be available.
  7. Entries for each month can be submitted that month but not earlier. Entries should be sent to