By Jennifer Macdonald / February 21, 2022
Dunnottar Church with gravestones in foreground

The 2021 Church of Scotland Presbytery Mission Plan Act requires every Presbytery in Scotland to have an approved Mission Plan in place in terms of this Act by 31 December 2022. Future use of buildings is one of the areas in the review.

Stonehaven Carronside Church of Scotland is holding a congregational meeting on Sunday 27th of February at Dunnottar Church following the worship service to determine the future of our Church buildings.

The following was read to the congregation at the morning service on Sunday 20th February 2022:

The Kirk Session met on Wednesday 16th February 2022 to review its places of worship and resolved by 12 votes to 4 to retain Dunnottar Church and dispose of South Church.

The Congregation will therefore be asked to vote on 27th February 2022 FOR or AGAINST the proposal to retain Dunnottar Church and dispose of South Church.

Voting is only possible in person. The Church of Scotland has no procedure to allow proxy voting.

Anyone requiring transport to Dunnottar Church should contact 01569 762038 to arrange.