Maintenance Concerns for Historic Buildings

The Tollbooth with its distinctive craws step gable -taken in a day of bright sunshine

Dear Bellman,

The restrictions surrounding COVID are to be relaxed in March and the Museum, which also operates the Clock Tower would like to re-open it.

That cannot happen until Aberdeenshire Council do electrical repairs, notification of which they received some considerable time ago.  The place also requires to be cleaned.

The refurbishment of the building was carried out by the Council, at public expense, but having done that, it seems the Council cannot be bothered to carry out these repairs and the cleaning. What is the point of having a visitor attraction which cannot be opened to visitors? A window fell out in November, but it has not been replaced, just boarded up. 

A window has been boarded up to keep out the elements

There are slates coming off the roof of the Museum, (again the Council knows this) but it seems that the Council does not regard this as meriting immediate attention. Perhaps, they want to wait until someone is injured before they do anything. Any compensation to a victim will, as usual, be paid by those who pay Council tax, rent or rates.

Yours etc

Douglas J. Cusine.