A New Way Forward After Loss of Invercarron

By bellmannews / March 12, 2022
David stands by the signposted entry to the Centre

From David Lawman of Stonehaven and District Community Council

As expected the Communities Committee, yesterday afternoon, had no option but approve the procurement of the works to convert the Invercarron Resource Centre to a vaccination centre, thus unfortunately I assume we have now lost the IRC.


We now need to push for an acceptable solution, it is not just a simple case of finding a room here or there around the town, it is about finding an accessible room (without stairs etc.) which can be set up with the correct facilities: suitable seating; access to kitchen facilities and spacious accessible toilets.

Remember twenty five years ago the community decided our older people needed more than the Community Centre could offer, and the Invercarron Resource Centre was built. Surely we are not going to offer our older people less than we did 25 years ago.

On the positive, the Area Manager has been instructed, by the Communities Committee to form a group of relevant individuals from within the town to look at the way ahead – let’s hope they can come up with the best solution possible.

Feature image – David Lawman and SDCC campaigned hard to save the Invercarron Resource Centre

Colin Brown - March 13, 2022

Why do they specifically need the IRC ? Why can they not use the leisure centre for vaccinations as they did before, or the surgery.
In the IRC there are two large rooms, perhaps just one room could be used and the other for the elderly as it was built for them in the first place.

What is required ‘re “The conversion for a vaccination centre” how large are the rooms required to be ?

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