Independent Candidate for Local Election

Candidate Dr Christina Stirk better known as Ma Simpson.

So, I am putting myself forward for council as an independent candidate. 

Who am I? I moved up to Scotland in 1980 to go to Aberdeen University and did a degree in Microbiology (including virology and immunology).  I then went on to do a PhD in Medical biochemistry and spent the next 17 years working on heart disease, cancer and wound healing. 

I opened the music shop in 2003 after the death of my husband as I could no longer continue to work temporary contracts with three young children.  We are now about to celebrate 19 years in Stonehaven where we have seen so many people come and learn the joys of music.

During this time I have taken an active part in the town, being a member of the business association, and chairman for 5 years. I was a member of the town hall trust for 6 years.  I have tried to entertain many in Stonehaven with festivals in the park and numerous events in the town hall including Big Country, Toyah, Bad Manners to name but a few.     

I don’t believe that party politics has any place in local politics, it should be about what the town needs, not about certain party agendas, whether it is right for the town or not.

Too many times good projects are side-lined because the wrong party proposed them or a bad projects implemented because the leading party does.

The more independents on the council the more power the people have over their areas.

In the 40 years I have lived in the area, I have seen the town grow with many new houses being built, lots of new and young families moving into the area.  Population increasing by 20% but facilities not improving, in fact declining over time.

We have no new schools despite the ones we have being overcrowded and no longer fit for purpose.

Leisure facilities sadly lacking, areas for children to play, young people to hang out, and pensioner’s facilities eroded and removed.

Transport is particularly bad in the area, woe betide anyone who wishes to travel south of Stonehaven out with rush hour, or for that matter at rush hour.  Buses frequently cancelled or just decide not to run.

What is done in the town is mainly done by the wonderful volunteers we have in the community such as the Lions, Roundtable, Rotary, Horizon, Stonehaven Town Partnership, Business Association to name a few.

I would like to think in some small way I have also contributed with festivals and events brought to the town.

However, larger infrastructure projects and more long-term planning is not within the volunteer’s scope and nor should it be.

We need voices on the council that will speak up for Stonehaven and surrounding area and for that reason I am putting myself forward, but whether you wish to vote for me or not please go vote as nothing will change if you don’t try to change it.

Contact Details: Dr Chris Stirk (Ma Simpson) care of Ma Simpson’s 26B Evan St, Stonehaven AB392ET.  Available Mon, Tues, Thurs 3.00-8.00pm Fri 3.00-6.30pm and Sat 10-4.00pm Tel 01569 766264