Stonehaven Harbour – Sheet Pile Repair Works Schedule

By bellmannews / April 30, 2022
calm waters reflect rusty sheet piling

Stonehaven Harbour – Pier Repairs. What works are happening and why?
Repair works will be taking place to the ends of the Net Pier, South Pier and Fish Jetty.
These works are required because the steel sheet piling has suffered corrosion to the extent that there are large voids in the existing sheet piles.

The scope of the construction works will include:
• partial demolition of the existing pier concrete deck and capping beams.
• installation of new sheet piled facings.
• installation of tie rods and ground anchors for sheet piles.
• reinstatement of concrete capping beam and deck.

What is the timetable for the works?
Preparation Works – May / Jun Piling Works – Jul / Aug
Reinstatement of Boom Gates – Sep Reinstatement of quaysides – Oct / Nov
The works must take place during the summer months to make the most of the weather
and calmer sea state.
Site Hours will be 07:00-19:00. The working pattern will be based on a 12-day fortnight.
This will be Monday through to Friday of the following week, including the weekend; but
with no working every second weekend.
Net Pier
Fish Jetty
South Pier.

Will there be any restrictions?
• The Contractor shall carry out the work in such a manner as to cause minimum
inconvenience to vessels and small craft using the harbour and shall cooperate
with the Harbour Master to ensure that the work is so arranged that the regular
passage of commercial vessels and quayside operations/traffic is not hindered.
• The Contractor shall make provision for the continued berthing of boats on
specified sections of the piers and shall maintain safe pedestrian access to
berthed boats at all times.
• The beach shall remain open for public use, but may have temporary restrictions
to small areas for certain operations to be undertaken safely. Botany bay will not
be affected by the works.
• The ends of the South Pier and Fish Jetty will be closed to public access while
the works are undertaken.
• The Net Pier shall be closed for the duration and used to house the contractor’s
facilities and storage. Pedestrian access to berths will be maintained where safe
to do so.
• There will be requirements to bring HGVs to site with deliveries and these will be
planned and supervised by the contractor to ensure minimum inconvenience and
ensure public safety.
• Shorehead and Old Pier roads will remain open during the works.
• Works will stop for the Sailing Regatta.
Who can I contact with any queries?
Aberdeenshire Council –
We will provide you with regular updates on upcoming works and our progress.
We appreciate there will be some disruption this summer, however we
want the town’s harbour to remain a wonderful tourist attraction and a
source of economic wealth for the town for decades to come which is why these repairs works are essential.

Sent in by Aberdeenshire Council.