Your New Councillors

By Jane Cruickshank / May 6, 2022

WENDY Agnew (Con), Dawn Black (SNP), Sarah Dickinson (Lib Dem) and Alan Turner (Con) are Stonehaven and Lower Deeside’s successful candidates in the local government elections.

From an electorate of, 11,356 the number of ballot papers received was 5,645 giving a turnout of 49.7%. The quota for a candidate to be elected was 1,112 votes.

Mrs Dickinson with 1,263 first preference votes and Mrs Agnew with 1,147, were both elected in the first round of the count. The vote redistribution then took place. Ms Black reached the required number at stage six followed by Mr Turner at stage eight.

The Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee

As results were issued in ward number order the candidates for Stonehaven and Lower Deeside – Ward 18 – had what must have been a nail-biting wait to hear the outcome of yesterday’s election. And there must have been an increased air of tension when the Ward 17, North Kincardine, results were announced: three sitting councillors -Alistair Bews (Ind), Jeff Hutchison (Con) and Colin Pike (Ind) – failed to be re-elected.

The successful candidates who will now represent North Kincardine and sit on the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee will be David Aitchison (SNP), Shirley Burnett (Con), Mel Sullivan (Lib Dems) and Catherine Victor (SNP).

They will be joined by Laurie Carnie (Con), George Carr (Con), Alison Evison (Ind) and Kevin Stelfox (SNP) – all elected for the Mearns ward – and, of course, our four newly elected members for Stonehaven and Lower Deeside.