SDCC Public Meeting

Stonehaven and District Community Council are holding a Public Meeting on Tuesday the 24th May, starting at 7pm in Stonehaven Town Hall to discuss the current and future provision of support and activities for our older people, now the Invercarron Resource Centre is being converted into a vaccination centre.

The meeting will be split in to three parts:
• Part 1 – Highlighting the local desire for the Invercarron Resource Centre to be retained / returned to its original use.
• Part 2 – This the main focus of our meeting to press Aberdeenshire Council / Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership (AHSCP) to provide an alternative venue within the town for our older people’s groups and activities. This should be more than a room, preferably the same room: With suitable access; With appropriate seating (firm chairs with high backs / arm rests etc.) and tables etc.; Access to toilets (on same floor) with room for walking aids etc., Plus additional full disables facilities; Access to facilities for making teas and coffees; and Access to facilities to support the serving of food (for Lunch club’s etc.)
• Part 3 – What are the long-term plans to support our older people, including: The provision of a development worker beyond the initial period to support our older people’s groups and the plans for older people’s support, both for thoses needing a lot of support and for thoses who only need a little support with access to clubs and groups for their wellbeing.

All are invited, please share this information widely with older people who may not have access to the internet.