Stonehaven CO-OP Funds SOMA Equipment for Local Use

By bellmannews / June 3, 2022
Brenda Garrard and Greg Welsh

PAMIS supports people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) many of whom have complex healthcare needs. Their disabilities can present challenges for them and those providing care. SOMA (Sporting opportunities for motor activity) is a physical activity methodology especially devised for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Using the SOMA methodology allows people with physical and learning disabilities to take part in meaningful, fun, and safe physical activities focusing on motor skills development. Stonehaven’s COOP recognised the value of having SOMA equipment available to help increase inclusion for a group that is normally marginalised. Others who do not have PMLD can benefit such as those who recovering from stroke, the elderly and supports those who already provide care and support for people with profound disabilities.
PAMIS delivered an introductory training session on the SOMA methodology in April and hopes to provide another introductory session in the Autumn.
Project lead Brenda Garrard said “PAMIS is extremely grateful for the funding provided by the COOP and hope that the equipment will benefit not only the group that PAMIS supports, but others too.”.
Greg Welsh (Community Sport Hub Officer South) added that “The SOMA Kits will be stored at Stonehaven Community Centre and will be available to sign out by the community during usual opening hours”.