Request for Tidier Prom

Dear Bellman

I am very lucky to live on the beach front and am grateful for all the litter pickersĀ , but why oh why am I faced with a pallet of sand bags?

The sandbags have made a home on the walkway, dogs come along and urinate on them, then mums come with kids and toddlers and let them climb on them. Then teenagers, when they are fed up of the skate and bike park which cost thousands come along and make ramps to cycle up and jump off with the same sandbags.

If our Councilors had only half the pride in Stonehaven as Steve Smith has our Beachfront could be even nicer. 

So Mr and Mrs Councilor, take note, when you come down Cowie Lane or are having a pleasant walk on the walkway, this unsightly mess is here, at all times.

Yours etc

Bill Malcolm