Battle for Invercarron Continues

By Jane Cruickshank / June 16, 2022
shot of the resource centre and its large bay window area

STONEHAVEN and District Commmunity Council, SDCC, is to make a participation request to Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership in relation to the use of the Invercarron Resource Centre – this is a formal process designed to empower the community in the delivery of its public services.

Anger has not abated. At Tuesday evening’s meeting of SDCC, Cllr Dawn Black reported on a meeting councillors attended with senior officers including Shona Strachan, AHSCP Partnership Manager for South Aberdeenshire – where they learned the Invercarron was not required solely for the delivery of vaccinations but also as a ‘hub’.

”They will use it to store vaccinations and equipment,” she said.

Steve McQueen later said hearing the purpose built centre for older people would be used as a store made him feel very angry.

”That is an absolute disgrace,” he said.

Ms Black told the meeting day care will be provided for targeted individuals, initially at Clashfarquhar House. And Quarriers was to be the point of contact for those requiring respite support.

But the continuing concerns over the closure of the Invercarron Resource Centre were summed up by Alistair Lawrie.

He said: ”Now, elderly and vulnerable people are not getting the attention they need.”

Way forward suggested

The use of the formal process was suggested by former chairman and returned new member of SDCC Phil Mills-Bishop.

He said: ”A participation request is a statutory right. They are duty bound to give us a reason if they refuse.”

Bill Watson said he would be happy to work with Mr Mills-Bishop on the application.

Participation request were introduced by the Scottish Government via the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act of 2015.

They are a way for communities to have their say about improvements they would like to see made to public services they use. A form must be completed and once validated (ie all required information provided) the authority has a defined period in which to respond (30 or 45 days depending on number of services involved).

Mr Watson added: ”The Scottish Government is very keen on getting down to the community level and getting the wishs of that community heard.”

Vera Coull - June 17, 2022

Wish they would stop pussy footing around and give these old folk back what belonged (and was built for) to elderly folk of Stonehaven and district where they got together with pals in same boat . They played games skittles, bowls dominoes had exchange visits with Garlogie folks, just fun times out of their 4 walls!!!!! Why can’t these officials see what they are missing…….. they will all be in same boat … we all get old – we are all fed up with these “officials “ 🙄

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