First Tournament Success for Stonehaven’s Traditional Family Martial Arts Club!

Students and instructors from Kuk Sool Won (TM) of Stonehaven, competed in their first ever Scottish Tournament.

Every member of the team got at least 1 medal for their division and the school finished in the top 10 schools for the whole UK! In total over 20 medals were won by Stonehaven’s Traditional Family Martial Arts School.

The team that consisted of members, from junior belt to black belt, ages 6 – adult, competed in divisions including, weapons, sparring, forms and techniques demonstrations. Over 600 competitors took part, which highlights the achievements of all our local Stonehaven students.

Paul – 3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor said.

“Kuk Sool is such a family based martial art and the school really came together to help every member to succeed. Our success is due to the dedication and support of our Kuk Sool families. I am so proud of every member of our team.”

Kuk Sool Won (TM) does not advocate “fighting” but instead concentrates on self defence, health and etiquette above all else. It has a syllabus that can take a lifetime to learn and is suitable for any age. The school practices on Saturdays and Tuesdays in Stonehaven.

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By Paul Bond