Is Macavity Here?

Dear Bellman

I live in the Ury Crescent, Slug Road, Princess Road area of Stonehaven.

An attractive ginger cat passes through my garden and it meows for attention if it meets humans both big and small. It also enjoys sunning itself in my garden and if my back door is open will enter, I have found it in an upstairs bedroom unfortunately.

I choose to ignore it but about a fortnight ago it came round my legs and unfortunately for me it attacked me with its four large canine teeth which it planted in my shin. The four wounds are healing although I have raised lumps at two of the puncture marks. It may have thought I was about to kick it – I was not but will admit I didn’t want it round my ankles.

I write this because the school holidays have started and I do not want a child to be attacked by this cat. It has been in the area for a number of years and I know from experience that if fussed or shooed away it can lash out with it’s claws. I have no idea where it lives and it doesn’t look hungry.

Yours sincerely,

Stonehaven resident