Ury Access Solution Proposed

By Jane Cruickshank / August 11, 2022
view of lodge house from inside estate

URY Estate intend to demolish East Lodge in order to pave the way for competent access to the development.

A Netherley Road gateway is required to complete the link road through the estate from the Slug Road. The current East Lodge layout does not meet the standards required for the development.

Providing this access has not proved easy. Until recently, ‘ownership constraints’ meant the road outside the lodge could not be changed so other options had to be explored.

Two road layouts attempted

One scheme dating back to 2014 presented motorists with a one mile diversion to a new entry at the North Lodge and back down to the current housing.

Kirkwood Homes attempted to improve the junction arrangement in 2019 by retaining the lodge gateway and stopping off the Netherley Road to all but pedestrians and cyclists. Vehicles were to pass through the gateway then turn right up a new slip road before rejoining the existing Netherley Road.

Both schemes brought about the loss of trees in the ancient woodland at the Polbare tree belt though the 2019 version did include compensatory planting.

The second scheme won approval only at appeal – and only because it was deemed the lesser of two evils. But our councillors stymied this plan road by refusing a consultation process needed before the new road may become part of the public road network.

Ownership constraints appear resolved

Ury Estate are now notifying the local authority of and seeking approval for their intention to demolish East Lodge as a permitted development.

They state: ”The existing East Lodge requires to be demolished to enable the formation of a new access road to the Ury East Lodge residential development. The existing road geometry of the Netherley Road is not satisfactory to Aberdeenshire Council Roads Dept so must be improved.”

Michael Park - August 11, 2022

It seems that no considerations was given to the red squirrels that frequented the wood at the entrance from the slug road. These squirrels are now seen frequenting the now busy roads as they look for new habitats. A big shame and I am left wondering if this was intentionally overlooked due to time line costs

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