Success for Dancers Heightens Emojions

By bellmannews / August 17, 2022
team gathered on stage

From Allison McIntyre

Another successful event for Rhythm Nation Dance and Fitness competing against 32 countries.


Incredible category! The talent was πŸ’ͺ🏼. 

πŸ†3rd IN THE WORLD! 

O18 NoviceTeams 

πŸ†5th IN THE WORLD – Eliminate!

Out of 16 teams qualified! 

🌟U16 Novice Teams.



U6 open – πŸ†8th – Isla (out of 25 dancers and she’s 3! πŸ₯Ί) 

U14 Beginner – πŸ†6th – Hannah (went through 5 rounds to get there!) 

U18Advance – πŸ†6th -Lucy again had to go through 2 rounds to get there! (Unreal talent) 

018Intermediate – πŸ†6th Aisha! (Went through 2 rounds to get here) 


U18 Advance – πŸ†1st place! – Lucy and her amazing partner Ella! 

O18 Intermediate – πŸ†3rd place! – Aisha and Erin! 


πŸ†3rd place – Aisha, Erin and Lucy! 

Our U18s beginner team Urban Nation, narrowly missed out on their final. They did everything I could of asked for on that stage and absolutely smashed it. We are now determined to work hard as a team now that we realise just what we are capable of! πŸ’™πŸ–€ Love you girls! 

3 years ago, they qualified but did not come home with any trophies!  But this time we have come home with 10 WORLD AWARDS! our school just keeps growing in strength, skills, and confidence and I’m excited to keep pushing forward and see what is next for our WORLD AWARD WINNING AUTHENTIC STREET DANCE TEAMS! 

Natasha is proud of them all.