Have You Seen Seagreen?

By bellmannews / August 24, 2022
blue sky and crisp horizon with barely visible wind turbines glinting in the sun

YOU may have seen news coverage this week about the Seagreen windfarm which has been taking shape some 27km off the Angus coast – and which has now generated its first electricity.

I’m indebted to reader Dave B for the photograph of the turbines as seen from the War Memorial. You do have to look closely but the array of turbines is visible.

Dave has been keeping an interested eye on the development of what will be Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm with the world’s deepest, bottom-fixed turbines.

He said: ”It’s is a long way offshore, east of Montrose, and will be a huge 1.1 GigaWatt facility of 114 fixed turbines in the first phase.

”When the horizon is clear you can spot it from any hillside at Stonehaven looking southeast. At the War Memorial  I could count as many as 34 turbines recently constructed, along with installation vessels across a vast swath of the horizon. It’s Big.”

He added: ”This windfarm, operated by SSE Renewables and Total, has the capacity to supply up to 1.6 million houses – on a windy day. ”

For those interested to read more, the project has a useful website: https://www.seagreenwindenergy.com/about-us