Fairtrade Stonehaven

By bellmannews / August 31, 2022
Group at harbour

Stonehaven  has been awarded Fairtrade Town Status

From Peter Bellarby –

The award of Fairtrade Town status to Stonehaven was made by the Fairtrade Foundation on 25th August.

Stonehaven Fair Trade Group has been working towards this over the past three years and is delighted with this achievement. They have worked within the community to promote Fairtrade. The Fairtrade Foundation certifies products from developing countries to be Fairtrade if there is a fair minimum price for the producers with a premium to be used to help pay for facilities that are needed, such as clean water.

Peter Bellarby, Chair of the Stonehaven Group, said: “Many producers in developing countries are treated unfairly by trading companies. They often don’t get enough money for the bare essentials of life. Fairtrade seeks to change this for the better.”

The Stonehaven Group had the support of Stonehaven and District Community Council, and Stonehaven Business Association in its bid for Fairtrade Town status. Aberdeenshire Council has also been supportive through its Sustainability Committee.

The Stonehaven Group has worked with schools, particularly Dunnottar School. The  Group are pleased with the support for Fairtrade given by local businesses. The activities the Group have engaged in have included running stalls at Stonehaven Farmers’ Market, and having an online public meeting, “Stonehaven: Fair Trade and Climate Change”.

The Fairtrade Foundation, in their report that accompanied the award certificate, said: “This is a very good application where you have considered many of the aspects of being a Fairtrade Community. Additionally, we’d like to recognise the great job you have done throughout the past few years, which have been dominated for many of us by the pandemic, to maintain such momentum within your local community.”

On Saturday, 3rd September, the Stonehaven Group will have a stall at the Farmers’ Market held in the Market Square Stonehaven. There will be a wide variety of Fairtrade items on sale. It will also be an opportunity to find out more about Fairtrade and the local group in Stonehaven.

Feature image – Stonehaven Fairtrade Group members (L to R) Charlie Barrow, Anne Bellarby, Peter Bellarby, Daniel Veltman and Rachel Shanks.