New start-up grants for businesses in Aberdeenshire

By bellmannews / September 2, 2022

Aberdeenshire Council has launched a new business start-up grant scheme.

Funded by the Scottish Government’s Local Economic Covid Recovery Fund (LACER), the £360,000 programme running until March 2023 is aimed at developing economic recovery across the region.

Start-up businesses can now apply for a £1,000 grant to help get a new venture off the ground without premises or £3,000 for businesses starting up and taking on premises.

Grant funding removes barriers to increased economic activity, providing Aberdeenshire-based businesses with the financial means to improve their ability to start up and grow in a manner which will be faster than would otherwise be achieved.

A key requisite of funding is that all business must be engaged within the Business Gateway service and have an advisor. Individuals will be supported to not only start-up businesses, but also have the opportunity to grow within the region.

Cllr John Crawley, Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, said: “We have always had great start-up success here in the north-east and our resilience and mindset is testament to that. Starting a business has huge barriers but equally can produce great results. This fund will help reduce the barriers to opening a business, provide the support packages to aid economic benefits within the area and also support people who are out of work and looking to set up their business.”

Vice-chair Cllr Isobel Davidson added: “There can be no doubt that the past couple of years have been hugely challenging for our businesses. However there are many who are embracing new opportunities and adopting different approaches to trading. I would encourage anyone who is interested in developing a new business to contact us without delay to discuss our funding programme which could provide the support they require to realise their dreams.”

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