Stonehaven & District Community Council (SDCC) Hybrid / Business Meeting

Stonehaven and district community council header

Please see link below to the SDCC October Business Meeting on Tuesday 11th October 2022 @ 7pm.

Supporting documents are also available on the SDCC website. –

Note: Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.  The meeting will be held in a “Hybrid Format”, where members can choose to attend “In Person” in the old “Court Room” (Sheriff Court Building, Dunnottar Avenue, Stonehaven, AB39 2JD) or “Online” via “Zoom” using the link below


  1. Chairperson’s Welcome:
  2. Roll-call & Recording: (DL)
  3. Apologies & Declarations of Interest:
  4. Co-option of Community Councilors – John Emslie
  5. Police Report: (David Charnley – Police Scotland)
    a) Parking Issues – (Beach Front / Cowie residents’ concerns)
    b) Parking Issues / Enforcement etc. – Within the wider Town
  6. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
    a) Report back on microphone trial / Purchase of an “Omnidirectional Conference Room Microphone” – (Cost £130 – Approval Required)
    b) Dedicated SDCC e-mail accounts
    c) Invercarron Resource Centre – Participation Request
    d) Stonehaven Surface Flooding – (See Supporting Document from Aberdeenshire Cllr. Dawn Black)
    e) Nippy Dip – 1st January 2023 – RC / JS / DL
    f) Formal Complaint Against SDCC by Member of the Public – (For info only)
    g) APP/2022/1676 | Erection of Visitor Centre (Class 10) Including Class 1 (Retail), Class 3 (Cafe/Restaurant), Class 3 (Kiosk) and Erection of 10 Dwellinghouse (Enabling Development) and Associated Infrastructure | Land At Dunnottar Castle Stonehaven – (For info only – copy of SDCC submission)
  7. Approval of Previous Minutes (September Business Meeting – 20th September 2022)
  8. Planning Report & Reviews – PMB
  9. SDCC Committees / Sub-Groups (Only Report if Applicable)
    a) Local Development Plan / Local Place Plan – DL
    b) Invercarron Resource Centre / Older People’s Services – RC (See item 7c)
    c) Community Resilience Plan – Update & Funding Request – MO (See Supporting Documents)
    d) SDCC Communications – SMcQ
  10. Outside Bodies / Committees (Brief Reports)
    a) Transport Action Kincardine-shire (TRAK) – IH
    b) KDP – Wind Farm Grant Application Reviews – JE / DL
    c) Town Centre Improvement Group – AL
    d) Stonehaven Community Resilience Plan – JE
    e) Kincardine and Mearns Community Council Forum – DL / PMB
    f) Kincardine and Mearns Community Planning Group – IH
  11. Treasurer’s Report:
    a) Monthly account summaries for August – (See Supporting Documents)
  12. Bervie Braes – Request for Update – PMB
  13. Allardice Street (Evan St. south round to Dunnottar Avenue) – Resurfacing Works – Request for Update – IH
  14. Hannah Dyson Award & Community Award – AL
  15. Correspondence: AL
  16. AOCB (NB special circumstance items only)

Date of Next Meetings:
a) Agenda Discussion Meeting: 1st November 2022
b) Business Meeting: 8th November 2022

Carried Forward to Future Meetings:

  • Local Place Plans – Meeting (EGM) with Alisa Anderson (Aberdeenshire Council) to be arranged, potentially September date slipped) regarding what support Aberdeenshire Council can provide regarding the preparation of a Local Place Plan.
  • Traffic Management consultation, second stage
  • Costal Paths – JS
  • Ury Estate / FM Developments Update