Tennis Club Seeking Community Council Support

By Jane Cruickshank / November 7, 2022
view of grounds across putting green

STONEHAVEN Tennis Club, STC, is seeking support from our Community Council in their plans for an indoor arena at the Recreation Grounds.

The development of an indoor tennis facility was one of the successful options in last year’s participatory budgeting exercise, achieving an allocation of £250,000 towards a project costing £1.2 million.

In a report prepared for Stonehaven and District Community Council, SDCC, the Tennis Club say they have worked with Aberdeenshire Council planning department to consider flood concerns, and have consulted other site stakeholders before identifying an area at the upper bowling green/ existing tennis courts as the preferred location for their facility.

And, due to rising costs they are now proposing an inflatable sports-dome to help accommodate the all-year activities of their 430 members. The green-coloured dome would be double-skinned to improve insulation and reduce running costs.

A representative of STC is to attend Tuesday night’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council to present their proposals. And, they hope to secure SDCC’s backing for the project and further cooperation whereby STC submits the planning application on behalf of SDCC, which will allow the fees to be reduced by 50%.

Full agenda of meeting

Stonehaven and District Community Council will meet in the former Court Room of the County Building on Dunnottar Avenue at 7pm.

1. Chairperson’s Welcome:
2. Roll-call & Recording: (DL)
3. Apologies & Declarations of Interest:
4. Police Report: (David Charnley – Police Scotland)
5. Stonehaven Tennis Club: Proposal for Indoor Tennis Courts at Stonehaven Recreation Grounds –
Information – (See Supporting Documents) – Stuart Alexander
6. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
a) Conference Room Microphone / Wide Angle Camera – Now purchased
b) Dedicated SDCC e-mail accounts – Now in use
c) Invercarron Resource Centre – Participation Request – Submitted
d) Stonehaven Surface Flooding – Feedback from Flood Prevention Group (FPG) – JS
e) Nippy Dip – 1st January 2023 – RC / JS / DL – Paperwork Submitted – Request help on the day
from SDCC Members
f) Bervie Braes – Update regarding the investigation into the landslide – Engineering report pending
– Cllr A
g) Allardice Street Resurfacing Works – Update (Work commenced 24th October – ongoing /
7. Approval of Previous Minutes (October Business Meeting – 11th October 2022)
8. Planning Report & Reviews – (See Supporting Documents) – PMB
9. SDCC Committees / Sub-Groups (Only Report if Applicable)
a) Local Development Plan / Local Place Plan – DL
b) Invercarron Resource Centre / Older People’s Services – RC
c) Community Resilience Plan – Update & Funding Request – MO
d) SDCC Communications – SMcQ
10. Outside Bodies / Committees (Brief Reports)
a) Transport Action Kincardine-shire (TRAK) – IH
b) KDP – Wind Farm Grant Application Reviews – JE / DL
c) Town Centre Improvement Group – AL
d) Stonehaven Community Resilience Plan – JE
e) Kincardine and Mearns Community Council Forum – DL / PMB
f) Kincardine and Mearns Community Planning Group – IH
11. Treasurer’s Report: – (See Supporting Documents) – WW
12. Proposed Court Building SDCC Use Hire Costs – DL
13. Coastal Paths – JS
14. Hannah Dyson Award & Community Award – AL
15. Congratulation and Thanks to the Horizon Group (and all who assisted) on their Beautiful Scotland
16. Correspondence: AL
17. AOCB (NB special circumstance items only)Date of Next Meetings:
a) Agenda Discussion Meeting: 6th December 2022
b) Business Meeting: 13th December 2022

Carried Forward to Future Meetings:
– Stonehaven Youth Club – Proposed Community Asset Transfer of for the Old Sea Cadet Hall on the
Hight Street. – (December Meeting)
– Traffic Management consultation, Second Stage – (December Meeting ??)
– Ury Estate / FM Developments Update – (December Meeting ??)
– Local Place Plans – Meeting (EGM) with Alisa Anderson (Aberdeenshire Council) to be arranged,
potentially September date slipped) regarding what support Aberdeenshire Council can provide
regarding the preparation of a Local Place Plan

Dave Mundie - November 9, 2022

It would be helpful to have published details of the STC proposals so that a proper understanding can be had on the effect on the existing caravan facilities which provide a large part of Recreation Grounds funding, and on the provision of alternative arrangements for the loss of the top bowling green, viewing stadium and line of sight to the sea from the cafe/bar seating area.
An all weather tennis facility is a great idea but the impact must be better managed than this.
Assurances are needed.
Dave Mundie
Bowler and Caravan Owner

Elizabeth. Aitkenhead - November 8, 2022

So when will Bowling and Caravan owners be represented to air their concerns or do we not have any say on this matter we must be able to protect our Sport of outdoor and indoor bowls and our Recreational enjoyment and use of our Caravans. We have never been consulted or asked to attend a meeting but suddenly the powers that be can decide to take over part of of Bowling green
and Caravan site, I hope before this non Environmental friendly inflatable is erected the concerns of all members and caravan owners will be noted . Elizabeth Aitkenhead (Bowler &caravan owner )

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