MP Seeks Answers and Calls for Action Over Stonehaven Water Network

By bellmannews / November 9, 2022

Local MP Andrew Bowie has posed several questions to Scottish Water regarding the ongoing and “all too frequent” flooding issues in Stonehaven.
In a letter to utility providers CEO Mr Bowie highlights constituent concerns over the towns “aging sewage network and reoccurring flooding issues”

He says:

“As you will be aware Stonehaven has been disproportionately impacted by flooding which has done untold damage to business and residential premises over the last 50 years”

Whilst the Stonehaven Flood Defence Scheme is soon to be completed Mr Bowie says there is still more work to be done:

“Stonehaven suffers from an outdated and overcapacity sewage system especially in the ‘old town’, as recently as September flood waters were present and areas of the town were covered in up to seven inches of water”

The recent flooding was apparently unconnected from the major incidents of previous years but has been hypothesised as to being caused by blocked drains and an aging network of sewage pipes.

In his letter the Member of Parliament for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine asks Scottish Water whether they have assessed the causes behind the most recent flooding, and what more they are doing to ensure no further flood events take place.

He also asks that Scottish Water engage with the community to discuss further flood prevention measures and potential upgrades to the sewage network.