Sarah’s Egg and Chips

By bellmannews / November 15, 2022
Sarah with lovely beaming smile

I love a book.

I used to love only a book with pages I can turn, but now I have been surprised to find I love my e-books too. I have tried to pass on my love of reading to my kids, with a success rate of one third (it could be worse).

Now I am starting to enjoy a love of writing, albeit very limited writing in a very small way. Earlier this year I grasped the proverbial bull by the horns and submitted a story to Scottish Book Trust’s Scotland’s Stories and found I loved that my story, along with around 700 other real-life stories were together online. I loved to read the stories and poems that other people across Scotland submitted, little snapshots of their lives.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I was told that my little story, Egg and Chips, along with 27 others, had been chosen for the Book Week Scotland’s Scottish Stories printed book. If you don’t already have your copy, I hear it is available at libraries, book shops, and community centres across Scotland.

This is Book Week Scotland with lots of in-person and online events throughout the country. Take a look at Stonehaven Library to find out about the events in Stonehaven and Aberdeenshire.

If you want to read some beautiful short tales about the real people of Scotland, but can’t get hold of a copy of the Scottish Stories book, and you if live in Stonehaven, give me a shout and I may have an extra copy I can pass your way.

And for those who prefer to listen, the audiobook, produced by RNIB, is available on the Scottish Book Trust website. If you’d like to listen through to some of the pieces you can find it, and the downloadable eBook, at the link below:

Happy reading or listening – Sarah Houston