Plans for Leaky Pool

By Jane Cruickshank / November 26, 2022
detail of sunburst design on side gate of pool

STONEHAVEN’S iconic open air swimming pool is now leaking and in need of extensive repairs – which are the subject of a planning application for listed building consent.

The B-listed attraction was built in 1934 using reinforced concrete panels with longitudinal and transverse expansion joints. Measuring approx 50m by 18m, it holds 1,320m³ of water.

According to a specialist report from product manufactucturer Mapei, the Olympic-sized pool is now in at state of decline. The concrete floor has eroded in points allowing corrosion from the reinforcement bars to be seen. Areas of repair using flexible fillers and sealant paints have failed.

It appears the winter-time draining of the tank may be contributing to the problem of cracks and leakage. The structure effectively floats on the sea level and, when empty, is more affected by the movements of the tides than it would be if full. Also, any rainwater collecting on the floor would freeze more quickly than salt water, bringing more freeze/thaw damage at previous repairs.

Flaking of paint also indicates an issue with the timing of earlier repairs, which may have been applied when temperatures were too low.

The full reports, incuding the recommended works at the pool are available online.