Sniffing Around Social Media

By bellmannews / February 13, 2023
Golden Doodle peering in from side of photo

By Snooper

There’s always something happening in Stoney, much of it conveyed to locals via social media platforms. Here’s a round-up of last week’s chat …

Items lost included two wallets, a bank card, a black cat (subsequently found) and a young lad’s comfort blanket (think Linus and his shawl, from Charlie Brown). An item found was a pair of spectacles outside Scallywags (as opposed to a pair of scallywags found outside of Specsavers).

A summary of items requested included a sheet of unwanted linoleum for a chap to line his garden shed’s floor with, plus details of potential belly dancing classes. These were separate requests but it’d be fun to insist on a combination should they prove successful. I’d welcome the idea of a belly dancer performing in this fellow’s garden shed before he fills it with junk that’ll remain untouched for a decade. Well, let’s face it, that’s what garden sheds are for (storing junk for years, not belly dancing).

A young lady was on the move last week and seeking cardboard boxes to pack her stuff into. Gone, seemingly, are the days when you’d pile into Mace and grab dozens of empty boxes left by the tills for folk to collect. Also requested was information on the names of those listed on the WWII memorial, it appears research is being carried out to better understand the background of those who fell.  

Upcoming events were many and varied, a flavour included; an RNLI coffee morning at St Bridget’s Hall Sat 18th Feb (10-12), a heritage talk cataloguing the burgh collection on Feb 23rd 3.30-4.30 at Stonehaven Library (booking required) and a centennial re-dedication of the War Memorial by the Royal British Legion on May 20th .

Other notable points of interest included the Meydan fish & chip shop rolling their sleeves up to assist their distressed countryfolk in Turkey coping with the tragic effects of the earthquake. Clothes and provisions were collected for distribution to those left bereft by this awful disaster. Other shops have offered support too and social media platforms came into their own to spread the word as Stonehaven’s folk rallied around.

The return of a white bridge to straddle the Carron River was very much welcomed. Less well received, at the other end of the town, was an outbreak of vandalism in Cowie which found several cars being keyed. Senseless doesn’t cover it I’m sure you’ll agree.

We also had the annual debate that’s so weel kent by townsfolk: how to prepare for the onset of seagull nesting. To spike roofs or not to spike roofs, that is the question. Some say these spikes fend the birds off, others suggest seagulls merely use them to build a firmer foundation upon. Either way, the town seems united in wanting these pesky gulls to spend a second consecutive year boasting low numbers, though not under the same circumstances as last year.

Finally a warning from Stonehaven Golf Club to local walkers. Please avoid the Den of Logie area which borders the course along the length of the 11th hole. Trees felled and damaged during last year’s storms are being dealt with and it’s not a place to be walking over forthcoming weeks, not even with the most robust of headgear. It never has been an area to walk in to be frank, not when I’m playing the back nine. I’ve deposited more golf balls down there than I’ve eaten hot dinners.