Windy Wednesday on Course

By bellmannews / February 15, 2023
View across first fairway to Stonehaven with bay and hinterland of hills

By Fiona Currie –

The keen southerly winds on Wednesday defeated a number of the seniors who threw in the towel after just a few holes while others didn’t even bother trying to battle against the elements. However, considering the conditions, Neil MacArthur’s 34 points was remarkable while players with scores in the late 20s should have been very proud of themselves.

The ladies fared much better on Tuesday with a calm, sunny day providing the incentive for Wilma Eccles to play well below her handicap and on Thursday, with winds half the speed of the day before, the leading ladies managed to play to their handicaps over the 12 hole course.

There are only four weeks left in the winter leagues and the leaders at the weekend have strengthened their presence by posting impressive scores.  At present only the best 6 rounds are counting towards the totals but, assuming the course remains open for the next four weekends, the best 9 rounds will count. The top 8 players in the singles and the top 4 pairs in each of the doubles competitions will be asked to play in the final. Needless to say the scores at the top of all three competitions are very close. It’s encouraging to see some of the lady members playing in the Nett Doubles competition. Members can view the current standings on the website.

A reminder that the tree-felling work has begun in the Den of Logie woodland and, for those wanting to visit Skatie Shore, the best route for the time being is to walk along the track adjacent to the golf course on the east of the railway line, then down the hill under the railway viaduct. As you pass the golf club, why not pop in to The View Restaurant which is open to non-members during the day? Walkers and visitors are reminded of the danger at all times from golfers playing the course itself.


Senior 14 Hole Sweep:

Div 1 C Arthur 26; G Wilson 25; A Officer 25. 

Div 2 N MacArthur 34; C Polson 28; D Fowlie 27. 

Div 3 J Findlay 27; D Foote 26; R Napier 24.

Ladies Winter Eclectic (18 Hole) – W Eccles 56; R Menzies 66; W Lawrence 67. (9 Hole) – E Gilmour 38; J Mackintosh 38; B Kakebeeke 43.

Ladies 12 Hole Winter League –W Lawrence 25; R Riddell 24; F Sim 24.

Winter League:

Gents Singles – S McGhie 41; D Barnard 39; A Stewart 39. 

Doubles (Gross) – J Barbour/K Riddell 61; K Murdoch/C Taylor 62; C Irvine/F Stark 62.

Doubles (Nett) – N MacArthur/G McFarlane 56; S Wright/G Ironside 57; H Roulston/N Irvine 59.