Keep Up the Pressure

By Jane Cruickshank / February 17, 2023

SUCH were the sentiments of Cllr Alan Turner when Stonehaven’s Flood Action Group, SFAG, came under discussion at this week’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council.

Mike Ogden had been charged with the task of investigating the current status of the pressure group formed in 2012 after severe flooding hit Stonehaven. Members were mostly residents directly affected by the flooding. They held regular meetings with Aberdeenshire Council, SEPA and the Scottish Flood Forum, and were consulted during the design of the Carron River flood protection works.

Despite the multi-million pound investment on the Carron, the town is still at threat from coastal flooding and surface water flooding – both in the town centre and at Farrochie. Mr Ogden said Stonehaven still needed the Flood Group.

Help needed

But, said Mr Ogden, the leaders of SFAG are overwhelmed by the job in hand and support is required.

”It needs someone who is prepared to dedicate themselves to it, or a group of people,” he said.

All four of our councillors were at the meeting, including Mr Turner, who was a founder of SFAG before being elected to represent the Stonehaven and Lower Deeside ward. He said even dedicated local councillors could not guarantee remedial actions were undertaken – funding would need to be secured, and this was not an issue dealt solely with by the Council – Scottish Water and SEPA also have responsibilites.

And he said: ”The Flood Action Group can achieve things that councillors cannot, by making contact with other agencies and by keeping up the pressure on the local authority.”

For more information on SFAG visit their Facebook page