This Week’s Social Commentary

By bellmannews / February 26, 2023
Golden Doodle peering in from side of photo

by Snooper

It’s been another week of variety and randomness on local social media platforms as folk contribute on all manner of issues, serious and less so.

Beautiful clear night skies were reported, stars twinkling for attention. We’re greedy here in Stoney, not content with beautiful terrain and skylines, we’re blessed with spectacular overheads too. The views take your breath away at every turn sometimes.

The town’s infamous Harley Santa came out of hibernation, albeit without full red garb from head to toe. A dear lady was looking to fulfil her dream to ride pillion on the back of a Harley and Santa agreed to leave his family of elves in order to oblige. Whether he spotted the peculiar looking beast reported to be roaming Dunnottar Woods this week we don’t know. Apparently said animal resembles a panther, in which case I vote we have a straight race off from the old law courts to the Cowie bridge. Well we had the Tour Of Britain bike race so why not?

Advice was sought from new residents looking for commentary on Mackie Academy, was it a good school to be sending their children too. Responses were largely positive, the place might be in dire need of a lick of paint and some TLC but the inhabitants in good nick. I went there back in the 80’s and it’s changed little since then, although my misdemeanours these days wouldn’t result in the belt as they did then. I couldn’t zip my coat up for a week.

There was news on the Tolbooth Museum, a community group looking to take it on which can only be a positive move if the alternative is closure. Folk seeking spaces at Stonehaven’s allotments were advised of the futility at such attempts, the waiting list closed such is the demand. An insightful reply from one person suggested the applicant find a resident unable to tend their own garden, they’d welcome the attention to their beloved backyard. That sounds a terrific idea, although my idea of the perfect garden remains crazy pacing and a comfortable bench. 

An unusual missive, but exciting and potentially life changing for both parties, was the offer of a house swap from a family in Shetland. They’re looking to relocate to Stonehaven and we’re hoping a local family might be interested in a reciprocal arrangement. Both places are beautiful in their own right, let’s hope the proposal succeeds. It’s certainly got more chance of success than the attempt my brother made of a similar project when looking to relocate to Stonehaven. He received scant interest, possibly down to the fact that he was living in inner city Birmingham at the time. In its defence it’s 400 miles closer to Villa Park than Stoney but admittedly the local waterways carry less fish but more shopping trolleys and empty beer cans.

Other topics included the Ury estate and what may or may not be occurring regards redevelopment, roads, superstores, golf courses and housing. I’ll be honest and say I was none the wiser having read a myriad of contributions. Wheelie bin disasters were also reported, the new issues being put through their paces by gusty winds this week, some finding resting places a good hundred yards from where their owners last set them down. 

The obligatory loss of a set of keys was reported, this time at Mineralwell’s cricket pitch. A cat was also lost and found, the two instances unrelated unless I’ve misunderstood and the cat in fact found it’s keys down Mineralwell and let itself back into the house. A mobile phone was also lost down there so perhaps it needs to go back and fetch it.

Finally, a somewhat grotesque image with which to leave you. A dog owner was offering a substantial amount of unwanted dog food given his own mutt had suffered what we can politely call ‘a stomach upset’ after it’d digested said matter. Just as turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, there’s surely little likelihood of one dog owner volunteering to relieve another of feed which gives the dog a dose of the skits. I’ve a feeling that this dog food may well find its way to the depths of the aforementioned wheelie bins.