Longer Days Deeper Potholes

a view up Belmont Brae

Dear Bellman,

The street lights on Belmont Brae have been out of action since early January. However, the mornings are getting lighter and so there is even less urgency surrounding their repair.

As Spring approaches, the ground is opening up. I am not, of course, referring to the appearance of crocuses and daffodils, but rather to the re-emergence of potholes, e.g. in Robert Street, which were “dealt with” by the Council last year. The Council’s response, I predict, would be that they have not reached such a condition as to merit attention.  

A few years back, I was in Glenbervie where there was a very large and deep pothole. I reported this to the Council whose response was as just mentioned. That day, I was in the company of an MSP, who, unbeknown to me, also reported this pothole. Its status change immediately and the crater was filled in rapidly.

The moral is that if you are perceived by the Council to be “important,” things will get done, but if you are some “pleb” i.e. a Council Tax payer, you can whistle. A good definition of this approach can be found in any dictionary under “h” for “hypocrisy.”

Yours etc

Douglas J. Cusine.