What’s Bin Going On in Social Media?

By bellmannews / March 8, 2023
Golden Doodle peering in from side of photo

by Snooper

Another interesting week of social media blether here in Stoney with plenty to chew on. 

Bins were back on radar, in particular the proposed introduction of orange lidded ones. Well there aren’t many colours left in the rainbow from which the council can choose, so why not orange? It was clear that the local authority’s latest recycling initiative hasn’t been universally well received with comment centring on inconvenience and money wastage. It’d certainly be apt therefore if the new bins were capable of housing lead balloons.

The town’s offering a couple of musical options to choose from; Stonehaven’s 33rd folk festival is set for July 7-9th with plans gathering pace, and Mearns FM’s 80’s night will soon be upon us onMarch 18th at the Legion. Perhaps the fifty something males can fetch their burgundy staypress and patent loafers from the back of the wardrobe while the ladies load up on Hooch and cider & black for old time’s sake. 

The beach clean was a huge success, many community spirited folk pulling on their marigolds to rid the beach of junk. And talking of community events, the Fireballs team host their AGM on March 30th at the Old Courthouse, all are welcome. The evening will offer an assessment of the recent event along with discussion over plans for the next. (My Dad got clattered by a fireball in 1986, who knew that it wasn’t safe to cross the high street ten minutes into the new year 🙄).

Community banking was discussed, RBS’s presence having morphed in recent time from a fully operational branch to a van alighting in town for a single hour on a Thursday morning. Times have changed. Where once you put on a suit and tie and swallowed something hard and jagged before knocking on the bank manager’s door, you now wait for a driver to parallel park his motor before clambering down the steps to greet you on the pavement. 

Cats were lost again, and thankfully found, dogs too. Another pair of spectacles was left by an absent minded owner as well . There’s a pattern building here, every week without fail there are details of a lost dog, cat and pair of specs. Maybe if the dog wears the specs he’ll notice when the cat escapes? Just an idea.

In job news, the Open Air Swimming Baths are looking to recruit for the forthcoming season so get your CV in if you fancy dealing with milk bottle coloured holidaymakers complaining about salty water. 

Finally, there was an appeal for a wedding dress alterationist (I just invented a new word). There’s no hurry mind, the wedding isn’t until Christmas, surely then a yawning oversight on the dress owner’s part? The human body is capable of changing its shape quite spectacularly in such a lengthy intervening period. It might be better to advertise in the Autumn, otherwise the bride could either bend over and split the garment from head to toe or it’ll be so baggy on her she’ll look like Demis Roussos. Hopefully minus the beard.