Socially Unacceptable Driver Behaviour

By bellmannews / March 18, 2023
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by Snooper –

Stoney’s social media platforms have thrown up their customary mix of random topics this week, some serious, others less so.

The Seafood Bothy story fits into both categories. Whilst much tittering was elicited by the suggestion from a councillor that their proposed lobster tank might frighten kids, a successful local enterprise was left bewildered by the rejection of plans which sought to enhance the town’s harbour experience. The notion that the sight of live lobsters might precipitate a dooking for children recoiling in horror, was met with howls of derision. An Aberdeen newspaper plastered the story across its front page and Stoney suffered a day of mockery, but it’ll be tomorrow’s fish and chip paper to many whilst the business owners are left scratching their heads wondering why the powers that be didn’t encourage their well-intentioned proposal.

The town’s automobiles, specifically the electric ones, were also addressed on social media this week. Or more accurately their owners were. A handful of electric charging stations are positioned on the Market Square for cars to be given a boost, but owners have been selfishly outstaying their welcome. A routine two hour charge has been extended by some to three or more hours whilst they saunter around town conducting business, enjoying free parking into the bargain. In some cases, the vehicles aren’t even hooked up to begin with, the charging bay merely doubling as a free parking opportunity. It’s bang out of order, no question.

Another car related matter was the proliferation of hit & runs in the town by clumsy drivers botching their parking manoeuvres but not facing up to the consequences. These individuals have been bumping and grinding stationary vehicles with their own while the owners are absent, then doing a runner rather than fessing up with a note under the windscreen wiper. Again, out of order and let’s hope the culprits manage a long, hard look in the mirror some day soon.

There was the obligatory combination of lost items; cats, dogs and wallets in the main. We can now add a third item to the shortlist of guarantees in life; death, taxes and adventurous Stonehaven animals. Each lost pet is a tragedy in its own right for the owners but, thankfully, the safe return success rate appears  high in the town. Wallets probably achieve a lower return rate depending on their contents, well certainly where I come from. Wander through Birmingham city centre back in the day and wallets would regularly ‘get lost’ without being found again. And worse, a friend of mine once returned home from a shopping expedition dressed only in his vest and pants, he’d literally been stripped of the rest.

Gloves were lost this week too, in their multitudes, individually and in pairs. I’m not a superstitious man but once read that it was unlucky to stoop and retrieve a dropped glove. Is that right? If so it’d surely mean oblivion to do so beneath a propped up ladder, but what if, at that very moment, a bird dropping landed on your shoulder as a black cat simultaneously crossed your path? Would this cosmic coincidence usher in a combined period of doom and triumph to your life or would these random happenings cancel each other out? Your comments please.