This Week’s Social Commentary

By bellmannews / March 25, 2023
Golden Doodle peering in from side of photo

By Snooper –

The Lobstergate farrago continued apace this week with plenty commenting on the council’s decision to reject the Seafood Bothy’s application to install a more permanent structure down at the harbour. There were numerous skits about it online, folk queuing up to mock the suggestion that lobsters might frighten children into the water or the path of oncoming vehicles.

Amongst the scoffers was an individual who’d posted a doctored council tax bill which suggested a lobster levy was to be imposed to cover insurance costs should a child get injured. A round the clock lobster watch was mooted too, with guards standing sentry along the length of the pier, on the lookout for killer fish. 

In other news, football¬†coaching classes for eighteen month olds were sought, and remarkably, found. Yes you can introduce toddlers to the beautiful game now, with some slight rule change initiatives. For example, rather than replacing a player due to injury they get hooked for soiling themselves and the ref red cards individuals for blowing raspberries rather than swearing at him. It’s an offence too for players to hurl themselves to the floor in a fit of pique (but that’s no material change to the modern day professional game). My brother Stuart wouldn’t have stood a chance playing 18 month olds’ football, he was two years of age before he could walk so they’d have had to play him in goal, sitting on his potty.

The beautiful northern lights were displayed in all their glory, a plethora of photographs published online depicting the incredible rays this phenomenon blesses us with. Some settings are beyond stunning, particularly when the war memorial and Dunnottar Castle are in shot. To quote Depeche Mode, “I just can’t get enough”.¬†

Talking of shining lights, the pupils of Mackie Academy are treating the community to a stage production of Grease this summer, tickets soon on sale for the three performances in June (21-23). I attended Mackie around the time the original film was released, remarkable to think that forty years later subsequent pupils will be tripping the light fantastic on the same boards that witnessed my Scottish Country Dancing. I hope their stage presence is rather better than mine; otherwise they too will suffer the indignity of folk laughing up their sleeves, as onlookers did when I lamentably performed the Gay Gordons. I was as wooden as the floor beneath me. 

Social media isn’t purely a platform for froth and frippery though, despite most contributions falling into this category. In between the minutiae, weightier matters of local incident are brought to public attention, this week sadly it was a multi vehicle collision on the A92 near Muchalls. The road was closed for a sustained period, locals updating one another as events unfolded, Traffic chaos ensued but was at least reduced by prompt alerts on social media. Collective thoughts are always with the injured parties rather than for the inconvenience of delayed travel, let’s hope those who were affected weren’t done so seriously.