Stitching Together the Tapestry’s Story

By bellmannews / March 26, 2023
corpped section of tapestry which shows u-boatmen on deck scanning the seas

From Shona Barclay –

Having put posters in Stonehaven, Newtonhill and Muchalls we were hoping for a good turn out on Wednesday March 22 to see a large and very beautiful embroidery measuring 6 feet x 7 feet in Muchalls Village Hall.

We were not disappointed. Around seventy people turned out to see if they could throw any light on who had actually done the embroidery and if there was a reason for doing it. There was much discussion and food for thought but Colin Johnstone, who cares for the embroidery at the moment, would love to hear from anyone who may have more information.

Meantime, it’s believed this beautiful work was done by German POWs and shows U 1206, a U boat sunk off Cruden Bay. Many of the men became POWS at a camp in Tullos and the embroidery may have been done to pass the time or it may have been done to thank the citizens of Aberdeen.

Do you have any information that could be relevant?

If so, please email me in the first instance.