Withdrawal of Bus Services

By bellmannews / March 26, 2023
photo of bus stop sign

From Aberdeenshire Council communications team –

Aberdeenshire Council has confirmed the forthcoming withdrawal of funding on some fixed route bus journeys from June 12 this year.

It follows a review of the supported bus network in response to the reduction in the 2023/24 Revenue Budget allocation for supporting bus services as agreed by Full Council on March 9.

While funding for 19 services/part services is being withdrawn, the council will continue to spend more than £3.2million in the coming financial year to support or partly support 35 fixed routes and its A2B dial-a-bus services.

Using the council’s agreed Performance Management Framework (PMF) model for supported bus services, its Passenger Transport Unit was able to rank the relative performance of local bus service contracts.

The decision to stop running certain routes is based on real data. The number of users on a service over an agreed period was among the criteria used to evaluate which services were no longer viable.

The service also used what is called a sensitivity analysis – which means they took into consideration services which, if removed, would leave a community more vulnerable or without any connection at all.

Ewan Wallace, head of the council’s Environment and Sustainability service, said: “Like all local authorities, we are facing significant financial challenges and have had to identify savings across services and reduce our spend to deliver a balanced budget.

“We do appreciate that any reduction in public transport provision will have a detrimental impact on some residents and communities. However, by undertaking this review of our fixed routes bus services which ranked them in terms of performance from best to poorest, it is enabling us to focus on the more sustainable routes and help us to maintain the vast majority of our routes across the council-supported network for the coming year.”

Following review, the services/journeys being withdrawn from June 12 are as follows:


4C        Stonehaven Town Service – Sat inter-peak service (ie between peak times)

5A      Echt to Westhill – Mon-Fri – am and pm peak journeys

6A      Westhill to Aberdeen – Sat early morning journey

7A         Stonehaven to Aberdeen – Mon-Fri early morning journey

35          Aberdeen to Turriff – Sun evening journey

51       Fraserburgh/New Pitsligo to Ellon – Mon-Fri peak and inter-peak service

61          Hatton to Peterhead via Cruden Bay – Mon-Fri early morning journey

64      Blackdog to Aberdeen – Mon & Thurs – inter-peak service

66/66A Stuartfield to Peterhead – Mon-Fri evening journey

69/69B  Peterhead to Fraserburgh via St Fergus – Sat evening journeys

69         St Combs to Fraserburgh – Sat evening return journey

74          Rosehearty to Fraserburgh – Sat evening journeys

81          Peterhead to Boddam – Mon-Fri early morning and evening journey and Sun daytime service

82         Peterhead Town Service (Meethill) – Sat am peak journey

201     Braemar to Ballater – Sun service (all day)

231     Alford to Huntly – Sat – inter-peak service

270     Fraserburgh to New Pitsligo (Circular) – Sat peak and inter-peak journeys

272     Banff to Fraserburgh – Mon-Fri inter-peak journeys

405     Macduff to Cullen via Sandend – Wed & Fri interpeak service