Weir Works Expose Gold Seam

By bellmannews / April 1, 2023

A TEAM of scientists is to start panning on the River Cowie, after recent works with heavy machinery exposed a seam of potentially gold-bearing rock.

The geologists say the excavations required to remove the Dam Dykes Weir at Mineralwell have disturbed what they called an, ”unexpected intrusion of clastic sedimentary rocks of Cambro-Ordovician age.”

The rocks and cliffs of Stonehaven have long been subject to great scrutiny by scientists thanks to the presence of the Highland Boundary Fault. Normally their investigations are limited to visual surveys and limited sampling using hammers

But after heavy machinery was used to reconfigure the Cowie at exactly the point it bisects the famous fault, a previously undetected ribbon of ancient rock has been fragmented and dispersed into the Cowie’s river bed. And, as it is the formation most likely to contain gold, the geologists will spend some time taking samples and logging their finds.

Is a Klondyke-style gold rush on the cards?

Dr Pershokvitnevyy Duren told The Bellman: ”We will be looking for evidence of intersect graphitic horizons, notably the black mudstones of the Clogau Formation – then we would be hopeful to find some gold deposits.

”This would be very exciting, not only in the interests of accumulated scientific knowledge, but also as gathered gold-fragments are considered one of the few perks of our job, and rare Scottish finds have a particularly high value,” he said.

To avoid unnecessary damage to the Cowie ecosystem by ham-fisted amateur geologists, The Bellman has been asked to keep the location of the panning area confidential – we are happy to oblige.

April Fall - April 1, 2023

Does this mean that the anglers who fish the River Cowie have the rights to all the gold that will be found ?😉🤣

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