Sharing Some Bellman News

Members of the Bellman team artfully arranged on the rocks at the harbour Bellman hat and bell modelled by George Reid

HAVING recently published our first ever paid-for advertisement, now feels like a good time to provide a wee update on The Bellman.

I hope you agree GoFibre’s endearing image allows them to advertise their presence without intruding upon your reading enjoyment. This is a factor that has always been important to me as I loathe pop-up ads getting in the way of the material I’m trying to scroll through.

The other great benefit is the revenue this will bring over the next few weeks, which will go a long way towards covering our annual costs – so thank you GoFibre for helping The Bellman share Stonehaven’s news!

Reader numbers

Clearly one of the first questions a potential advertiser asks is what our readership figures are. This is the fifth year of The Bellman publishing news stories. We seem to have reached a stable number now of over 11,000 unique site visitors each month – averaging 11,436 per month for 2022.

Having said that, we have started including our links in Stonehaven Chat on Facebook and this seems to have improved our reach quite considerably as during March we had 17,528 unique site visitors with 78,800 page views.

Our editorial team keeps busy – last year we published up to 60 articles each month (December was very quiet though), with an average number of 44. From these stories, we achieved up to 84,650 page reads in a month, with an average of 56,521. Not too shoddy. All figures quoted are as provided by our site hosts, Siteground.

Remember everything is produced by a team of volunteers.

Would you like to contribute?

We have always wanted to have as many people writing for The Bellman as possible – this is the only way the delivery of news ‘Bellman style’ will be sustainable. If you have any interest in local matters and would like to help with our efforts, please do get in touch.

Recently the editorial team has been joined by a news hound who likes to sniff out the goings-on in social media – I hope you’ve seen some of ‘Snooper’s’ round-ups of all the chat.

We have a number of reporters who look after groups they are involved in. Tom Hannan’s writing for the Men’s Shed is a perfect example. As part of our editorial team, Tom can log into our website and publish the latest from the shedders direct.

And we have a good number of local clubs, societies etc who now use The Bellman to help publicise their activities and email in their announcements or event information, which is most welcome. A calendar is a feature we intend to introduce soon.

Why we say where the stories come from

For reasons of trust and transparency we have always tried to indicate the source of our articles. This practise is now required.

The Bellman is regulated by Impress, who have just issued a new standards code, which states: ”Publishers must take all reasonable steps to identify and credit the originator of any third-party content.”

Other funding sources

While being delighted to welcome an advertiser, it would feel rude not to acknowledge other sources of funding we’ve had of late. Arnold Clark granted us £500 towards costs, SDCC a similar amount for a new laptop for one of our volunteers, and Aberdeen Airport Propeller Fund has recently bought me a new laptop too – much needed as my old one was crashing under the strain of loading photographs to the website.

The support of Julie Lindeman of Stonehaven Town Partnership has to be noted as it is only with Julie’s assistance with necessary applications that we have achieved this funding.

Contact The Bellman

If you have any news you’d like to share, or if you’d be interested in joining the team, please email:

Feature image: Just some of our editorial team, from left, Jane Cruickshank, centre top Alex Russen, ‘Bellman’ George Reid, Lisa Lawman and Jennifer Macdonald.