Stonehaven Outdoor Pool Friends Need More Friends

The Friends of Stonehaven Open Air Pool (SOAP) are looking for recruits.

The friends group, set up in 1994, came out of local residents’ campaign to save the pool the year before, when it was threatened with closure.  Its role is to work with Live Life Aberdeenshire (Aberdeenshire Council’s recreation wing) to Maintain, Enhance and Promote the pool.

The work of the Friends is vital in helping to secure the pool as a major visitor attraction and a key asset for the local community.

2022 was the most successful for the pool in modern times with over 40,000 visitors.

Steve Harris, Chair of the Friends, is calling for help.  He said, “We have been reliant on the same group of friends for many years and we need some new blood.  Without the Friends the whole future of the pool will be called into question and without an injection of new faces, that is where we are headed.

“We need Friends of all types!  Fundraisers, marketers, painters, DIY skilled, event organisers, hosts for the entertainments and more.  You don’t need to go near a committee, if that isn’t your thing.

“The pool is one of our town’s great assets and by becoming a Friend you will be putting something back into your community and securing it for the future.”

People interested in becoming a Friend should contact:

Media Enquiries: Helen Rowbotham